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About Subtle Ways

Two weeks ago, I was sitting on a high table on a high stool in Madison Square Garden NY, opposite of Elvis Presley. The Garden was filled with audience, and neglected both Elvis and me. We spoke about Elvis’ Cadillac and my car (don’t dare to mention the brand) when Under the Boardwalk by the Drifters played on the stereo. I said to Elvis, “I do this song always live with Kaz Lux. I have got a nice guitar solo on it”. Elvis looked at me, hanging loose over the table and said, “let’s do it here together tonight”.  I got excited and thought this time I’ll make sure photo’s will be taken of me on stage with Elvis…. - please, find Elvis Presley and Leigh Blond on

Since Subtle Ways was released in Europe and the US in 2012, the album slowly climbed to a moderate success. Whereas the previous Leigh Blond album sold well in the Southern States, Subtle Ways went well in Illinois and California. A few live concerts in Chicago, LA and San Francisco supported the airplay of Subtle Ways well in 2013. More to come ....


For 2014, Leigh Blond signed the contracts for 10 major concerts in the US again. Associates will be

Pat Buchanan, Zetta Garcia, Lee Manning, Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Silver Hiatt....