Bert de Ruijter, known as Leigh Blond, is a Dutch composer, singer and songwriter.

Wrote a 100 songs, blues, ballads and rock & roll, since 1969. One half of these songs have been recorded by himself, another half was recorded by other artists. Many of these artists are known to all of us. His first love and probably his last, calls BLUES. Inspired by song writers like Bob Dylan, Peter Green, Gerry Rafferty, an oeuvre of bluesy, melodic, moody songs got shape, which still is not yet completed. A brand new album, named Subtle Ways, with 12 typical Leigh Blond songs was released in January 2012.

After a pretty successful past abroad, all Leigh Blond records will be released in the Netherlands, for a change.


Subtle Ways, as well as See Me Thru, BlueSide of the Road and Tribute to PCL,

are available at most of the contemporary outlets


Solo albums:

Singles and other albums:

Hedge & Run