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Out now! DIGNITY the 2017 album of Leigh Blond

DIGNITY is the 2017 album of Leigh Blond. A collection of 12 songs, all written and produced by LB and recorded over a period of 2 years. All songs have been played and sung by LB only. Guitars and slide guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, drums,…

Blues runs through veins

We, humans (and animals), are our brain. Fascinating to realize that basically all of us (clusters) perceive sound differently. Education is the root of it all. Rhythm is the basis of all music. Melody is the heart and soul of music. Blues runs…

Dignity: Solo album

“There is comfort in digging yourself deep in a recording studio somewhere far away from live in a Dutch Delta swamp, giving shape to tunes that play in your head only, so far. Putting down the first guitar track, adding a voice, a piano,…

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Wicked worn and waxed. Sweet smile and tender. Speech tone and text. Strips stripes and stars. Genes games and gallows. Ranks rubble cigars. Shivers shallow shadows …

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June 10/11 2017 - Chicago Blues Festival - Chicago

May 13 2017 - Monterey Blues Festival - Monterey

August 16 2016 - Buddy Guy’s Legends - Chicago

Vengeance is a losing game. A world of shambles, a world of pain. Envy is a false ID. Ain’t no class, ain’t no dignity.