BlueSide of the Road, the previous Leigh Blond record, was released in 2006 on the RM Records label. It was poorly presented in the European market . Finally, the album was marketed in the Southern US states, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Leigh Blond says in an interview I had with him, in June 2013 in London. The Dutch Artist received an award for it in 2011. January 2012, a brand new record with 12 Leigh Blond songs was released.
SUBTLE WAYS, it is called. All music written and produced by Leigh Blond. Playing the record, one can’t deny Blond is an original style, with a wink to Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Ry Cooder, Gerald Rafferty, Mark Knopfler, if you like. Subtle Ways contains moody Blues and stirring Ballads and light Rock & Roll. Anglo constructions in American scaffolding. A predominant role for the slide guitar on Blonds’ records almost has become a tradition. By the way, on Subtle Ways Blond plays all guitars, keyboards, harmonicas and percussions, apart from all lead vocals.


I felt like doing the record on my own in the first place, inspired by individualism. Eventually, Herman Deinum, Hans laFaille, and a few other fine musicians joined the making of Subtle Ways. Don't forget Katie Humble and Caz West ...." The album is a listening delight to many people. Subtle Ways is an easy going blues, ballads and rock and roll album.

John Grace / MOJO


London, July 2013


The 2017 album - coming out soon!



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